Be Confident in All Areas of Your Business

May 16, 2023


Let's Talk Confidence

Think about how that word makes you feel....

Are you as confident as a bird committing itself to the air or are your clinging onto a branch waiting for the right moment to jump?


"But I've got a solid strategy" I hear you say...

Within your business, you can have all of the strategy in the world, elite systems embedded and numerous social media platforms, but without confidence; success may become a huge struggle.

Arguably, success is impossible if it isn't backed up with confidence.

My coaching business is thriving and it is more successful than I ever imagined it would be at this moment in time.

During the beginning stages, I worked with lots of tutors. This was perfect as I could resonate entirely with them, but after a while, my clientele evolved into people from all sorts of different industries and careers.

This led me to create Love Mondays Club and an abundance of expertise were shared, allowing members to magpie ideas from each other. 

And one of our biggest focuses is on building confidence. 

Based on my signature framework, we use M.O.N.D.A.Y.S. to help us explore:

📢 Marketing

Use tech + strategy to increase your visibility and share your message with the world.

💁‍♀️ Originality

Become confident in your voice and your message. Know how to stand out from the crowd and follow your own path.

🔍 Niche

Have the confidence to pick and choose who you work with. This isn't about saying "yes" to everyone.

🚀 Direction

Where are you going? How confident are you about the road ahead and how you will reach your goals?

🙋‍♀️ Audience

Find your tribe and confidently become their leader who inspires likability and trust inside your community.

🧠 You/Mindset

Do you trust yourself? Are you your biggest cheerleader or does doubt creep in and hold you back from achieving what you know if really possible for you?

⚙️ Systems

Don't be afraid of tech! We are all learning on the job every day, it's about having the confidence to try new things and experiment.


So let's dive into them in greater detail: 

1. Marketing

If you're not telling people that you exist then you're the world's best kept secret!

- Market in your own way. This could be by creating written posts, graphics, reels, videos or video. Start with one method and then experiment.

- Show up on video and have your voice heard. Social media is a free marketing tool - use it. What catches your eye when you're scrolling? I bet it's video!

Read more about video confidence here:


2. Originality

Don't try to be somebody you're not.

- Have the confidence to be yourself, know your story and how to share it with the world. What makes you unique?

- Think about that know/like/trust factor. People want to see/hear YOU. Try not to get caught up on pleasing people and going with the majority. Focus on your own skills and uniqueness. 


3. Niching

Your ideal clients aren't out of reach, you just need to identify them.

- Think about the people you really want to serve. Create an imaginary client and write about them. Have confidence to go after those clients, even when the self doubt creeps in.

- Try not to take on every piece of work that comes your way. Assess whether it aligns with you and don't be afraid to say no. Put those boundaries in place. 


4. Direction

'Goal Setting' or the strategy that will get you there?

- If you're starting at A and you want C, what is B? How will you get there? Make C an ambitious goal, have self belief, try new things and make those big dreams happen.

- Every business owner has made mistakes but don't we learn from this? Don't be afraid to make mistakes BUT don't be afraid to succeed either. Make sure you're happy and enjoying the process. Goals always keep moving - there's always something bigger and better. 



5. Audience

Stand up and be seen.

- In order to build your audience, you firstly need to think about who you are, what you offer and how you can help. Then, target those people you want to help and be seen. Sounds easy, right?

- Vanity metrics need to GET IN THE BIN! Don't focus on gaining thousands of followers. Focus on learning what your audience want and having quality engagement with them.

- Believe that you can be that amazing community leader!


6. Mindset

Trust your own decisions.

- Confidence and mindset go hand in hand. Have faith in your abilities and learn how to deal with self-doubt. 

- We try to protect ourselves by procrastinating. We must trust in our own decisions. You're the boss! Your pricing, strategy, budgets and timetabling are all decided upon by YOU. Own it!


7. Systems

If you want time back - automate and outsource!

- Being brave enough to outsource work is a big step. I could write a whole other blog on this! We cannot be in control of everything if we want to achieve a healthy work-life balance, I have Virtual Assistants and I still fight the scary feeling of not being in control.

- If technology scares you, outsource it. If social media content creation scares you, outsource it. If creating a website scares you, outsource it. If showing up live scares you...nope, you can't outsource that I'm afraid! You don't know what you don't know. We cannot be experts at everything.


Everything mentioned here works in tandem with each other.

Marketing without an audience wouldn't work, systems without direction would be a disaster and reaching out to an audience without niching wouldn't pull in the interest you want.

For more information on how to market your online business with confidence, clarity and consistency, click here

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