Tips For Going Live On Social Media

Apr 29, 2023

Let me guess, the thought of GOING LIVE on camera to your audience fills you full of dread? In fact, you'd probably feel more comfortable walking on hot coals...

Moving across hot coals too slowly would hurt. Similarly, not taking action to go live on camera may hurt too...but not your feet! This could slow down your reach to a wider, relevant audience. 

Moving across hot coals at a good pace is is your best bet (apparently!). Taking the plunge and pressing that record button to go live is your best bet (definitely!). 

Why should we go live?

Quite simply, going live can help you develop more engaged followers which will inevitably lead to more business!

- It helps us to create much more of a human connection with our audience and builds trust.

- Words have less of an impact. Research shows that over 50% of our communication is often  done through body language and tone of voice.

- We become more relatable and people will ALWAYS buy from people.

- Your audience will remember you. You're not 'just another logo'. Logos and colour palettes are important for your personal brand but don't hide behind them. Show that face!

As humans, we are distrusting of anonymity so here lies the importance of showing familiarisation and ensuring that we are accessible.

Next comes the fear factor!

What if something goes wrong with the technology?

How will I come across?

Will my voice sound awful?

The only way to diminish this fear is to do it! Press that button! The more you go live, the more people will engage with you. Not only will this grow your audience and your business; it will allow your confidence to grow too.

Have I persuaded you yet? 

How to Go Live on Social Media: 

1. Choose something simple to talk about.

This could quite simply be an introduction - who are you? What do you do? What services do you offer? How can people get in touch with you?

If you run your own group, you could record a welcome video for new members to watch. This could provide them with an overview of what happens in the group, you could thank them for joining and ask them to introduce themselves in the comments.

Always remember to actively encourage your audience to engage with you, whether it be by asking a question or simply stating 'like if you agree'. 

2. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position and wearing comfortable clothing.

The more comfortable you feel, the more relaxed you will be on camera. Move, relax your shoulders, be expressive and use your hands. Nobody wants to watch somebody taking a long, hard, serious stare at the camera! It may help to imagine that you are talking to a person behind the camera. 

3. Play around with your camera angle until you are happy and try to find a quiet space to film.

Recording outside looks beautiful but you run the risk of recording wind noise! 

Keep it short and snappy - 3 minutes maximum! The best advice I can give is to simply say 3, 2, 1 and HIT 'GO LIVE'. The adrenaline will kick in and you'll be off!

Do it!

Go and do it, now! Your confidence (and your audience) will continue to grow. The more confident you become, the more motivated you will be to take action in your business. The bigger your audience, the bigger your sales are going to be.

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