Obsessed with all things online business and marketing. 

I'm on a mission to help women to become more confident and visible online so that they can share their passion with the world, and make more sales! 

Too many women are the world's best kept secret and it's time to shine a light on their offers.

The Inspiration:

Born with wobbly knees (formal diagnosis also available on request), I’ve always had an attitude that life is short and what’s the point of doing things that don’t make you happy?

As a result of this, I never did well in employment and spent my early twenties finding an escape route from the corporate life of having meetings about our previous meetings. 

I also tried my hand at classroom teaching…nope, not for me! So self-employment quickly became my main goal and 6 years on, I have never looked back. 

The fast pace of being able to create ideas and programmes at the drop of the hat is the best thing about running your own businesses. I have now created and co-founded 3 businesses, all of which are growing year on year. 

But despite this, I know how challenging it is to grow and spend a lot of time wishing there was a silver bullet or at least a simple guidebook on how to make marketing and sales easier. 

After experimenting with strategies that helped me to master my own marketing, people started asking me to help them start businesses and so Love Mondays Club was born. And having already helped 200 businesses, I think it’s safe to say I’m on to a winner!  

My main aim in this corner of the internet is to help you discover a happy, healthy and holistic way to grow and market your online business. 

A way that helps you to show up consistently with confidence and clarity. 

To help you get more visible, grow an audience, and ultimately, make more sales. 

And why is it important that you know all of this about me?

Because I love to share all of my experience with my clients. And this includes:

🚀 6 years of running my own businesses. 

🌴 Founder of Love Mondays Club supporting online service-based businesses with scaling and marketing. 

👩‍🏫 Co-founder of an educational membership helping children with English.

🖥️ Creator of group courses, masterminds, memberships and online courses. 

🎙️ Host of the Love Mondays Club podcast and lover of all things tech.


Plus, here are some of those CV tick boxes that are actually helpful: 

  • Degree in English - I love writing, I'm great with words and love helping you to create stand-out copy. ✍️  
  • Teaching qualification - I love planning and you can trust I'll have everything broken down and structured clearly for you. ✅  
  • Counselling Skills Level 3 - I'll get you thinking deeply and create a safe space for you to share confidentially. 💡
Let's Work Together

Want to know the behind-the-scenes me? 

(Definitely not business related, but good if you want to be a bit nosey!)

🐶 Daisy (my cocker spaniel) is attached to my hip and secretly helped me to discover the power of social media. (Ask me about this next time we chat!

🐋 I love being out at sea, and in another life, I would have been a marine biologist. I can identify most species of whales in the world. 

🫖 My idea of a great afternoon is sitting down with a milky tea and an excel spreadsheet to make big plans.

🎧 Or sitting in the sun with a glass of wine, eating good snacks, and listening to my favourite podcasts. 

🛠️ When the topic of DIY comes up in our home, my partner hides because he knows I will soon produce a scrap of paper with a dodgy drawing and ask him “can you make this for us...please!” 

🥝 I have dual citizenship with New Zealand and I can make a mean pavlova (aka the best dessert ever). 

💒 I also once made my friend’s wedding cake, and subsequently asked all my other friends to not ask me to do this again! 

✈️ My current obsession is to move aboard and also learn French.

I know we'd get on!