5 Ways to Make More Sales

May 16, 2023

Making More Sales

5 Strategies for Tutors and Trainers to Make More Sales and Grow Their Online Business


Everyone in business wants to make more sales, right?

When it comes to running a tutoring or training business, every educator's ultimate goal is to make a greater impact, but we also know that a huge part of our focus needs to be on also increasing our revenue.

And it's not just about the quick wins or a short-term cash injection. 

You want to build a long-term sales strategy that feels simple, effective and efficient to ensure sustainable growth for many years to come.

So today, I am going to share a sneak peak with you about the 5 ways I help tutors and trainers make more consistent sales inside their businesses. 


1. Utilising Your Time ⏰



As educators, your time is precious, and your expertise is your greatest asset. Often, it's easy to find your calendar jam-packed with various tasks, some of which may not directly contributing to your sales or business growth. 

How many times have you looked at your calendar and gasped at how busy you actually are?

Or you get to the end of the week and feel like you've been insanely busy and yet there isn't much to show for it at the end? 

Oof, that feeling really sucks! It's a one-way ticket to burning out or starting to convince yourself that it's not working. 

It can be easy to fill our days with carrying out 'bitty tasks' that aren't money making activities or indeed, just having some dead space in our timetable.

When we've been doing something for a long time, we get into a routine. 

So there are two really important things you need to do: 

1) Sort your calendar out. 

Try to shuffle timings in your calendar and tweak that timetable to make sure you're using up all of your time to it's best advantage. 

When I did this with one client, she managed to double her revenue by just changing her sessions times and allowing her to fit in an extra one each day! So simple, so effective. 

2) Get really clear on what your priorities are ever day. 

Ask yourself the simple question each morning: what is going to earn me more money today? 

My order of importance goes like this...

Priority 1: Client work and making time for my clients.

Priority 2: Marketing 

Priority 3: Background admin (something I can do whilst sipping my favourite Yorkshire tea)


Allow yourself to take a step back, free up more time, free up more opportunities.


2. Increasing Your Offer Suite 📈



Many tutors and trainers often find themselves trapped in a cycle of providing one-on-one services, trading time for money.

You might find yourself working unsociable hours and weekends, and starting to wonder if self-employment really is going to give the free you desired! 

This is why you need to create a model in your business that allows people to work with you are different stage and different price points. 


Here is an example of how this could work for your tuition or training business: 

- Your high end offerings could be 1:1 work. These are very limited and exclusive VIP style places. 

- A group programme is a great way to scale your services and offer it at a lower cost if your 1:1 services aren't in your client's budget. 

- A membership allows infinite scaling opportunities and the low-cost model requires a lot less physical contact time with you. 

- Downloads/resources which can be sold and accessed instantly. This is a form of semi-passive income that requires no contact time from you. 

The main is NOT to have a waiting list. 

(I know, that also used to be my badge of honour until I realised how much money I was leaving on the table!

If a client really needs your help or support, they might not be willing to wait around if they're under time constraints, so it's likely they will just go and find it elsewhere. 

The only kinds of 'waiting lists' you should be using in your business are for launching new services.

Your potential clients are only kept on there for 2/3 weeks and could be given the title of 'VIP members' who have the opportunity to sign up first or even qualify for a discount. 

The conclusion? 

Make your sales accessible and available at all times. 

Your clients want to work with you from the moment they inquire, so don't make them wait too long!



3. Getting More Social Proof 💬




Do you know who is best to market your business? 

Your clients! They really know the value you can bring. Social media is so much more persuasive than just YOU talking about your programme. Do always shout from the rooftops about your success though!

The words of your clients are so much more powerful. Look at the people you currently work with and reach out to them all to ask for feedback on how things are going at the moment. You can ask at any time. It doesn't need to be at the end of a contract - it can be at any point along your client journey. 

If you want to find out more about getting client reviews, have a listen to this podcast...



4. Telling More People About Your Offerings 📢



Do you feel uncomfortable with sales? Lots of people do!

It can feel uncomfortable as so many people associate sales with dodgy tactics such as being too pushy and intense. We're aspiring not to be like that and sales can 100% be made without any of it.

A problem I very often see when on social media is that I don't know what people offer and how I can work with them. It takes a while to find out this information. Don't get too hung up in providing lots of value and freebies, they are important as they build credibility and trust but we do have to make offers. 

Presumably, you want to help as many people as possible? That's the point right there! You're not selling, you're not pushing, you're simply offering help to people who are probably sat there really needing it and waiting for you to tell them how they can work with you. 

Some people will unfollow you when you publish a sales post - they were never a future client anyway, so NO BIG DEAL!



5. Increase Your Audience Size 👆



A growing audience is a key element in expanding your reach and increasing sales. There are only so many times you can tell your audience about offers before it feels stagnant.

And here's something pretty important for you to consider:

Statistics show that 1-10% of your audience will buy from you. 

And in all my years online, I've found this conversion rates is pretty accurate: 

- My education business usually converts at around 10%.

- Love Mondays Club usually converts at around 6% (depending on offers I put out).

So if only a small chunk of our audiences are actually going to buy from us, we need to have a strategy in place to keep increasing the size of the audience.

Consider various methods to increase your online presence and reach a wider audience.

Engage with your audience through social media, provide valuable content, and actively participate in relevant communities.

By building a larger audience, you will not only increases your chances of making more sales, but it will also help you establish your expertise in your field.



There you have it...

The journey to making more sales as a tutor or trainer involves a combination of strategic planning, effective time management, and a commitment to helping others.

Keep in mind that positive energy attracts people, and personal connections are often the strongest magnet for attracting clients.

Embrace these strategies, and watch your tutoring or training business flourish.

And if you want even more support with growing your online business, check out Love Mondays Club membership to see all of the ways I can support you with your marketing and growth plans. 




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