Love Mondays Club is the all-in-one membership that will show you how to scale your online business with confidence, clarity and consistency. 

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You are a passionate business owner who is committed to creating a business that allows you more time and freedom, but you're feeling overwhelmed when it comes to getting clear on your ideas, marketing your business and making more sales.

I'm here to help! Hi, I'm...

Helen and I am obsessed with helping business owners like you to discover simple ways to increase your visibility, become more confident and make more sales. 

You are not alone!

Join your fellow entrepreneurs inside Love Mondays Club who are mastering their marketing, creating recurring revenue streams, and discovering more clarity and happiness inside their businesses than ever before. 

Love Mondays Club is the right place for you if any of these statements have you nodding along:


    • You¬†are ambitious and dream of more than just a simple 9-5 job. You want to grow your own thriving business that feels full of endless possibilities and opportunities.
    • You¬†know that creating recurring revenue is an incredible way to grow your business, and you want some expert advice on how you can make this possible.
    • You¬†know you're great at what you do, but you struggle to convey this online. It affects your sales and you feel like you should be so much further ahead.¬†
    • Your mind is buzzing with SO many ideas and it's hard to know what one you should focus on first, or which one will be the most effective.
    • You want to find "your people". You feel like running your own business can be a lonely game and you would be so much happier surrounded by a group of like-minded people who really get you.

Love Mondays Club will inspire you to achieve more, show you how to turn your ideas into recurring revenue and support you with every step of the way!

From marketing to mindset, and all the tech in between, we have you covered!

Here's what Julia had to say about LMC: 

"Helen is really positive and everything about it makes you feel like you're moving forwards."

"Bite the bullet and do it because the support you'll get means you'll learn so much!"


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have everything you need to grow an online business all in one place?

Imagine simply logging in each day knowing you have everything you need to bring your ideas to life with training and tech support for every step of the way. 

You've created a simple list of services that your clients are queuing up to buy and you effortlessly create content that sells for you behind the scenes. 

Isn't this the kind of stability and support you crave when things just feel like they're not going right and you feel ready to throw your laptop out of the window? 

Love Mondays Club is here to show you the systems and processes that can transform the way you run your business.

We'll help you to create a content strategy that suits your personality and feels so much less crunchy than what you're doing now. 

We know that when you're running a business on your own, you simply... 

Don't know what you don't know. 

But the answers are here at your fingertips and it’s an exciting ride that you’re brave enough to take. 

And you shouldn't be doing it alone. 

Love Mondays Club has been created for people like you who want to achieve great things in their lives. 

Here's what Sam had to say about LMC: 

"I love how Helen delivers the content, it's always really clear and relatable, and I felt like the connection was instant. "

"Straight away, I knew Helen was someone I could trust who could help me with my business plans."

"If you're a procrastinator like me, the accountability [inside LMC] is a lifesaver!"


Here's how Love Mondays Club works:

It has been designed to be simple, effective and accessible at any stage of your business. 

A combination of independent learning, group coaching and community support allows you to stay consistent and accountable in your business. 

Social Circle Sessions

Join Helen every Monday at 9:30am for our weekly check-in session to start the week with a bang!
These calls aim to help you stay accountable, ask questions and keep pushing your business forward.
Each month we cover a range of topics including goal setting, sales training, mindset sessions and tracking our growth.


Once a month, you will be invited to attend a high-value masterclass based on our monthly theme. Helen will share her behind-the-scenes ideas and systems on how to scale your business and provide you with ample opportunity to ask questions and apply the resources to your own business.

These session also encourage you to network with like-minded entrepreneurs to inspire you with new ideas and help breakthrough the blocks you might be facing in your business. 

Comprehensive Training Library

Seven core modules to support you across every area of your business. Take instant action in your business with the support of detailed video explanations and helpful resources to help you save time. 

Access to step-by-step support, swipe files and forums to ask your questions. Create a business that works for you on autopilot and allows you more time to focus on what you love inside your business. 

Content Creation Support 

Coming up with new ideas for every month can be exhausting!

That's why Love Mondays Club provides you with a monthly content pack to help inspire you with fresh ideas for email campaigns, ways to share your services, and prompts to help you get more engagement online. 

Private Community

Share your weekly wins, ask questions, and join a network of businesswomen who work together to build each others businesses. Connect and collaborate with other like-minded professionals all over the world. 

Love Mondays Club will help you to become more visible so that:


  • You will¬†make more sales,¬†because if people don't know you exist, they can't and won't buy from you.
  • You will be recognised as an expert in your field and build credibility.
  • You will¬†create a community of loyal followers and people who want to publicly sing your praises.
  • Launch new products and services to an already engaged audience who want to buy from you.

You need a clear strategy and the confidence to show up consistently online to create a thriving business!

Love Mondays Club will help you with this!

Join Love Mondays Club this summer!

Monthly Investment:

£97 p/m

No contract, cancel anytime!

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What about the bonuses?

Business Blueprint 

Worth £197

Receive a personalised business blueprint once you have completed the introductory programme. Get bespoke support and the clarity you need to achieve your business goals with Love Mondays Club at your side. 

1:1 Focus Session

Worth £147

Each new member will be offered a bonus 1:1 session where we will deep dive into your business and start to put strategies in place for you to see quick results.

Hi, I'm Helen! 

A busy, business-addicted, dog-loving, world travelling, passionate educator and mentor who runs two successful online businesses.

Your success is my biggest obsession right now, and most days you'll find me working behind-the-scenes inside Love Mondays Club creating new content to help you run your online business. 

Since starting out in the business world 7 years ago, I've fallen in love with online services and creating membership models. 

The freedom of recurring revenue has changed my life and meant that I can plan ahead and chase after my dreams, rather than living month to month from the peaks and dips of 1:1 work. 

It's my mission to show you how I have created the business of my dreams, and share that success with you. 

Every month, I experiment with new ideas inside my second (B2C) business and use this experience and knowledge to show you what's working right now, and what to avoid. 

My promise is to be your biggest cheerleader, share everything I know, and help you every step of the way. 


Here's what Haleema had to say about LMC: 

"I have accountability [and] the Social Circle sessions that we have every week help me to stay on track."

"I never used to post on social media [and now] I have everything scheduled for the month which I'm really proud about."

"I would recommend anyone who wants to scale or expand their business to join LMC. It's an extremely motivating environment, [there are] really useful training videos, and Helen is an amazing support! "


Kind words from past & current clients:

"Helen has supported me from first launching my business into now running group classes and rapidly growing into other services. I have systems and automations in place in my business that I never even knew existed before being in the programme.

Helen is always available for support in the group and on messages. She encourages me to be more visible online  and to market my group. I would recommend the programme to anyone who needs some support with marketing or any business support actually. It has saved me time and money and I know that my investment will be returned! If you’re thinking of investing just jump in and don’t think about it anymore!"

- Simone Machell (Children's Confidence Coach)

"My goodness where do I even start...
Working with Helen over the last few months has been really exciting! (I've had 1-1 calls, attended workshops and have now just joined her programme). 
She has shown me how I can take my tutoring business further and open it up in ways I didn't know was possible! Her experience and expertise has been invaluable and I am so grateful for everything she's been able to help me with.
I've started running group classes and workshops, my sales skills have massively improved and most importantly of all Helen has helped me to see my own value.

Anyone thinking of working with Helen, do not hesitate! It will be the best business decision you ever make ūüŹÖ

- Lauren Coppell (Maths Tutor)

"I've learnt so much about marketing and creating efficient systems and have got a mailing list of over 130 and a FB group of over 200, I've done lead magnets, workshops, automations, built a website!

I enjoy the sense of community and support from the others in the group, we help and encourage each other/"

- Elaine Mackechnie (Maths with Mrs Mack)

I want to help you tap into those incredible ideas you have buzzing around your head and show you how possible it is for you to turn them into a wildly successful business.

It's time for you to show up online confidently and truly believe in yourself and what you have to offer the world! 

Your clients are waiting to hear from you and are currently searching the online world looking for help. 

Being the world's best kept secret is no fun. It is your responsibility to show up for your audience and inspire them with the work you do. 

Just imagine how incredible your business would be if you took the leap today, learnt how to increase your visibility and had a steady stream of clients entering your business every week.

The possibilities are endless! 

I want to join!

Here's what Rebecca had to say about LMC: 

"There's drop-in sessions so you can also meet other people who are in a similar situation and share ideas."

"I've already started to generate sales after a few months of working with Helen."


What's inside the Love Mondays Club training library? 

Your library of on-demand training is broken down into 7 different areas of business:


Learn how to attract your audience's attention and keep them coming back for more!

Build an email list that provides a high return on investment.  

Stop wasting time on social media and create effective content that your audience wants to see. 

Save money on ads by creating a sales funnel that works for you in the background. 


Design branding that reflects your style and attracts your ideal clients. 

Discover how to find your voice in the noisy, online world. 

Understand your story and why it's important to share it with the world.  

Showcase your expertise and effortlessly attract new clients. 


Focus on your core offering and simplify your services.

Identify your ideal client to help you create a clear message in your marketing.  

Understand how to attract the customers you love to work with. 

Create your onboarding process from start to finish that wow's your client. 


Create a strong foundation for the future and ensure the sustainability of your business.

Set clear and achievable goals and stay accountable.  

Create time to work on your business and not in it. 

Ensure your business is helping you to achieve the lifestyle you desire. 


Build your own community of loyal fans who are always willing to buy from you. 

Show up consistently without spending all day on social media. 

Encourage positive engagement from your audience. 

Learn how to talk about your offers without being salesy. 


Identify your core values and how this shapes your business.

Put boundaries in place to protect yourself and the business. 

Develop a positive mindset around motivation and money. 

Discover your optimum working conditions. 

 Systems and Support

Understanding the different productivity resources available to your business. 

Creating automations and freeing up time in your business.

Knowing when to outsource the roles you no longer enjoy or are able to complete. 

On-Going Support

Weekly accountability and check-in calls with Helen and the community. 

Private member's community area to request feedback and ask questions. 

Online programme of videos and workbooks.

Here's what Helen had to say about LMC: 

"It's been great to get the know-how to put some of these strategies in place."

"I would absolutely recommend Helen and LMC for being well-paced but not too pressured to help you get done what you want in your business!"


Here's what Debra had to say about LMC: 

"A lot of the other coaching services will tell you WHAT to do, but not HOW to do it. And this is what sets LMC apart, you get all of the tech support you need as well. "

"I know that LMC is the place to be because it offers brilliant support, brilliant guidance and ultimately, it's going to help me grow my business. "


Love Mondays Club highlights:

  • Kickstart Your Marketing¬†training programme for all new members.¬†
  • Weekly support calls to support you with marketing, sales and mindset.
  • Monthly¬†masterclasses¬†for training and an opportunity to ask questions so that you can make fast progress.
  • Quarterly planning sessions¬†where we set objectives and create actionable plans for the next 3 months ahead.¬†
  • Access to an online course with actionable, bitesize tasks to complete at your own pace,¬†
  • Private community group to ask questions and practise new skills, and connect with like-minded people.¬†
  • Accountability check-ins a supportive network of cheerleaders to celebrate your business wins!

More kind words:

"I’ve run my own business for nearly 5 years now and definitely felt that I was proficient in most respects, though knew deep down that there was always room for improvement. Since finding Helen, I’ve found confidence in my abilities, pushed myself to new limits and watched my business thrive.

Helen’s approach has complemented my business and mindset wonderfully. She’s taught me things I’d never considered beforehand, and I can honestly say I feel safe knowing that I have her support and guidance throughout my self-employed journey."

- Lucy Kennedy (Essex Grammar Hub)

"Having the opportunity to learn from Helen's experience would be invaluable to any teacher starting out on their solo journey. I wish I had known someone like Helen when I started out a few years ago. There are many costly, time-consuming and frustrating pitfalls. So, if you can cut out any of this, it's worth its weight in gold. I work with Helen as an expert teacher in a Facebook group and she is always efficient, knowledgeable and really approachable. I am sure she'd go the extra mile to help. Good luck to all future online tutors out there - it really is a great job to be in!"

- Anna Donovan (My Home Class)

"Helen and I have been working as group experts in English for several months and she is an extremely motivated, professional and knowledgeable person to work alongside. She has given me some great advice to implement into my own business that I wish I had known years ago! Anyone looking for coaching in tutoring or information on how to start should work with Helen!"

- Tom Harrop (TJ Tutors)

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