How Entering Awards Can Rocket Your Business!

Aug 24, 2023

Whilst scrolling social media, you will have undoubtedly come across award badges on people's accounts, or even a banner to say that they have been shortlisted for an award. Do you see these and think "wow, I'd love to win an award one day!". Well, make that day in the near future - get entering!

Why should you enter to win an award?

There are so many awards out there...literally, thousands! They can be a huge benefit for your business.

1️⃣ Credibility.

Clients want to trust you. An award can act as a stamp of approval and a verification tool.This will attract more customers and also attract employees if you are recruiting. 

2️⃣ Brand Awareness. 

You will be seen more, and more people will recognise your name or the name of your business. The more you are seen, the more trust you will gain and more people wanting to work with you. 

3️⃣ Free Marketing.

You will have a nice logo to share! This can be added to your email signature, blogs and all social media platforms. What a great marketing tool to have!

When should you start entering?

There are many different awards categories, one of which is specifically for start up businesses. It is never too soon to start planning an entry form. 

Have a look at an award and have a go at answering the questions on an entry form. This will help you collect information and highlight areas that need more work. It will help you to keep track of what you have done...a little bit like like a CV! 

💡 Top Tips 💡

- Judges always want to see evidence. Try to make your evidence visual - use bullet points, videos and graphics. Really try to bring it to life in order to stand out and try to get the judges emotionally invested. 

- Remember to write about how many people you've educated or inspired. This doesn't have to be paying clients that you've helped. It could be that you've answered questions or given out 'free' advice within a free online community. 

- Go for it! You may not be successful the first time you enter, but keep going and keep familiarising yourself with entry form questions. 

 You're the expert - believe in yourself! Have pride in your company and use this opportunity to shout about all of the wonderful things you do. 

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